Bible Bowl Team 2013/2014


(Pictured From Left to Right)

Front Row:  Elizabeth Street, Danielle Forrest, Chelsea Forrest, Raenique Doran   Back Row: De’Andre Holland, Donte Anderson, Jonathan Mills


Elizabeth Street (10 yrs. old, Parkway Middle School of the Arts (City Academy Gifted Cluster), 5th Grade)

Elizabeth is dedicated, disciplined and loves others, herself and the Lord. She is a 2012, 2013 Gymnastics Gold Medalist at the AAU Junior Olympics and 2013 track and field bronze medalist. She is very excited and proud to be a part of this year’s Bible Bowl team and anticipates greater service for the Lord with her talents.


Danielle Forrest (14 yrs. old,  Stoneman Douglas High School, 9th Grade)

Danielle enjoys reading and is part of the Gifted Education Mathematics (GEM) program at school.  She aspires to become a Pediatric Pulmonologist.  Danielle believes that studying His Word brings her closer to God.


Chelsea Forrest(10 yrs. old,  Riverglades Elementary School, 5th Grade)

Chelsea is an “Eliathah Baby”.  She is very active in gymnastics and swimming.  She recently represented her school at a 5th Grade School District Spelling Bee competition.  Chelsea felt overwhelmed during the first few bible bowl practices, but never gave up and eventually made the team.  Chelsea knows that God is always by her side.

Raenique Doran (14 yrs. old,  Deerfield Beach High School, 9th Grade)

Raenique is in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at school and aspires to become an Anesthesiologist. She is learning to play the Alto Saxophone in her school band.  She enjoys Bible Bowl and knows that she will be able to apply the scriptures to her life.

De’Andre Holland (14 yrs. old,  Millenium Middle School, 7th Grade)

De’Andre is excellent at Math and anything with numbers.  He has very good attention to details.  De’Andre loves studying with the team and knows that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.

Donte Anderson (14 yrs. old,  Crystal Lake Middle School, 8th Grade)

In addition to being a member of the Bible Bowl team, Donte is also the captain of the Eliathah Drum Corp team.  Donte tutors 6th graders at school. He loves the experience he gains from Bible Bowl and knows that he will be able to draw on his Bible Bowl experiences later in life.


Jonathan Mills (14 yrs. old, William A. Kirlew Jr. Academy, 8th Grade)

Jonathan loves to sing and is a member of both his school and church choir.  Jonathan always loves studying the Word of God.  He may even enter the Ministry and become a Preacher one day because of his unique ability to move people with his sermons.

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