Community Service

  • We are His hands to touch the world around us.
  • We are His feet to go where He may lead.
  • We are His eyes to see the need in others.
  • We are His voice to tell of His return.
  • We are His love, burning in the darkness.
  • We are His love shining in the night.

Jesus calls pathfinders to help others – to show them His love through acts of kindness.  One area of focus of the pathfinder club is community service. We are called to introduce our community to Jesus, to be his hands and feet, his eyes and His voice, His love, in order that we might  make a difference in the lives of others through service.

Eliathah pathfinders currently are involved in the Adopt-A-Street program. This is a program in which, 4 times per year, we help to a clean a particular section of our city. We are making plans to expand our outreach. Further information will become available when the pathfinder year begins on September 13, 2015.

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