Meet Dr. Greg Anthony Baldeo, a dynamic leader whose expertise spans pastoral ministry, education, leadership strategy, and change management. As the Senior Pastor of Eliathah Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dr. Baldeo draws from a rich tapestry of experience cultivated across Adventist communities in Jamaica, Canada, and the United States.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in religious studies with a minor in counseling psychology, a master’s degree in counseling, and a doctorate in Organizational Strategic Leadership, Dr. Baldeo possesses the academic acumen to address contemporary challenges, particularly in bridging generational divides. His authored works provide invaluable insights into navigating intergenerational dynamics and steering ministries toward effectiveness.

With over twenty years of professional experience, Dr. Baldeo is driven by a passion for fostering transparent, trusting, and collaborative relationships, all while delivering tangible results. Renowned as a published author and compelling presenter, he captivates audiences with his engaging style and profound knowledge.

Dr. Baldeo’s illustrious career includes roles as Superintendent of Schools within the Northeastern Conference, Executive Committee and Finance Committee Members, and Lead Pastor across various Adventist organizations. Additionally, he has imparted knowledge as a professor at esteemed institutions such as Burman University, Saskatoon Business College, and Post University.

A fervent advocate for meaningful change and growth, Dr. Baldeo has spearheaded transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing community engagement, empowering youth, and involving seniors within church settings. His pioneering programs, including OSAY (Operation Save a Youth), have earned acclaim from governmental bodies, businesses, and civic leaders for their positive impact on youth development.

In the realm of education, Dr. Baldeo has orchestrated significant transformations, devising strategic plans to rejuvenate school systems, reverse enrollment declines, and amplify digital outreach efforts.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Baldeo cherishes his role as a family man, supported by his wife Dawnette, a distinguished Human Resources executive, and their two accomplished young adults, Rashaun and Javar. Firm in his belief that Christ’s mission extends beyond conventional church confines, he advocates for excellence in executing this mission through relevant strategic changes and community integration.

Dr. Greg Anthony Baldeo epitomizes servant leadership, dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to realize their fullest potential in service to God and humanity.